Doubt sees the obstacles,

Faith sees the way;

Doubt sees the blackest night,

Faith sees the day;

Doubt dreads to take a step,

Faith soars on high;

doubt questions, “Who believes?”

Faith answers, “I!”

-Joyce Meyer


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Yesterday I went on an Adventure! And I had a Accident, a python ate me! That’s why I´m telling my story inside a python. I thought python snkes just sucked our blood! But this one didn`t; he ate me!

I pretended I was dead because i thought That he wouldn`t  eat me if I was dead but because I said, “no!”,  now I belong to the python. Suddenly, he strated swinging in the jungle, I almost threw up! then a lobster ate the python! So now I belong to the lobster and to the python. Perhaps, my mom will come for me. I an sceard! I´m to young to die! =D

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One day my dear red blood cell wanted to get out of my body! with a knife made a whole through my skin. I tried to take it back inside but I couldn´t. Then I found it in the floor and tried to get it inside. I suddenly placed it in my left side brain, I dont know why! and I couldnt stop thinking about the little cell! Then he went to my mouth I couldn’t stop feeling the taste of blood! then It went to my heart and it pumped like I was running for more than 24 hours! Then it went to my stomach I was feeling so bad that it looked like I had eaten a lion and it didn’t stop growling! Finally it popped out, and I felt much better!

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“I was born on December 14, that day was the best because I started an awesome adventure!”

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July 4, 2012 · 9:18 pm


Going through the forest, two butterflies I see. One purple little butterfly and a shiny pinky one. Then sitting on the tree a cacoon braking out. He didn´t want to go, he wanted to stay. He thought he would be hideous and not gorgeous like the other butterflies; he didn’t want to change from here to the forest. But then the butterflies came and whispered while it broke “don´t be afraid to change you’ll be beautiful and we will protect you just say YES to change because you will be great.

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Just waiting

I´m waiting; just waiting. Click Clack Click Clack, the clock is speaking, pointing with her arms . But I´m just waiting. The people pass and wave, but I´m just waiting, waiting then the first one comes, then the second then the third, but I´m just waiting till the complete one comes. Just waiting I see it coming! and suddenly it came; the bright sun, I just couldn´t wait.

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I see my bubble above my head, my future waiting me to meet.

I see an artist ar maybe a writer; just future up ahead.

the time passes and it won’t go, my bubble won´t go.

Just waiting till finally I reach it and a new one appears and i´ts waiting to meet again!

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